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Research Bibliographies

The Orchestra Musician Forum (OMF) and its website, Polyphonic.org was funded by a gift of from the Symphony Orchestra Institute (SOI), which was founded in 1994 by Paul R. Judy. The first issue of Harmony, the SOI's periodical, was published in October 1995. Included was an extensive bibliography of the literature about symphony organizations written since 1960, compiled for the SOI by Erin V. Lehman, Ph.D. In an accompanying essay, Symphony Orchestra Organizations: Development of the Literature Since 1960, Erin provided a brief exposition of the primary works in this reference list. In subsequent issues of Harmony, the Institute added many works to this basic bibliography, including the content of Harmony.

To further assist parties interested in research and writing about symphony orchestra organizations, or better understanding them, Polyphonic.org continues to update this bibliography. In addition, we have significantly enhanced the useability of it by adding appropriate key words to each entry, as well as the ability to search the bibliography by author, topics, or key words. In addition, where we have been able to find a web link to the entry, we have provided that link. We hope you will find these enhancements to be timesaving and valuable in your research.

Polyphonic.org welcomes additional suggestions as to how to make this bibliography more useful and informative. Also welcome are suggestions for additions to it.

Polyphonic.org has copyrighted this bibliography, but readers are encouraged to "copy and paste" from the listings to assist in their research.

Scroll down to browse, or search the bibliography here:

The Survival Art of Survival? Cross-National Study of Symphony Orchestras Report No. 1


Allmendinger, Jutta and Richard Hackman
Harvard University: 1991
Keywords: Cambridge

Psychology and Performing Arts


Wilson, G.D
Swets & Zeitlinger: 1991
Keywords: psychology, performing

HRM of the Arts: A Descriptive Analysis of the Professional Orchestra Manager’s Operational Role in the Major American Symphony


Jones, Robert R
Golden Gate University, Ph.D. dissertation: 1991
Keywords: managers, HRM, orchestras

The Dynamics of Intense Work Groups: A Study of British String Quartets


Murnighan, J. Kevin and David E. Conlon
Administrative Science Quarterly: 1991
Keywords: leadership, democracy, group dynamics

Training Future Orchestra Musicians


Cline, Eileen
Chicago Symphony Orchestra Symposium: 1991
Keywords: Chicago, training, future

1991 ICSOM Conference: The View from Vail


Torch, Deborah
Senza Sordino: 1991
Keywords: 1999, ICSOM, conference

Fat Ballerina vs. Management Heavies


Torch, Deborah
Senza Sordino: 1991

ICSOM Conference: Impressions of a First-timer


Schweitzer, Marsha
Senza Sordino: 1991
Keywords: ICSOM, conference

Building Volunteer/Staff Harmony


Macduff, Nancy
Symphony Magazine: 1991
Keywords: volunteers, staff, orchestras

Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra Musicians Honor Music Teachers


Cahn, William E
Senza Sordino: 1991
Keywords: Rochester, teachers, music

Pension Pointers


Leibowitz, Leonard
Senza Sordino: 1991
Keywords: pension

The Price of Health


Zach, Lisl
Symphony Magazine: 1991
Keywords: health care, costs