Welcome to Polyphonic.org

Bringing Different Voices Together

Ray Ricker

Welcome to Polyphonic.org, a new website for orchestral musicians.  It’s the first site of its kind – offering critical professional development resources for today’s orchestra musician. Click around to check out innovative articles, streaming video interviews, profiles of notable orchestras, and daily newsfeeds from ArtsJournal.com.

As musicians, we know that “polyphonic” describes music with several independent, contrasting voices sounding together. Polyphonic.org is just that: a home for many independent voices within the world of the orchestral musician. Through its content we will strive to make this site reflect an independent, thoughtful, balanced and professional editorial approach. Virtual discussion panels, new subject areas, and updated interviews and orchestra profiles will make visiting Polyphonic.org part of your daily routine.

Our goal is to be your companion and long-term learning center – the best and most innovative resource for information on orchestra life and professional development.

Thanks for visiting Polyphonic.org. Encourage your colleagues to visit the site as well, and give us your feedback!



Ramon Ricker
Editor in Chief, Polyphonic.org