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Category: Videos


0 Nicole Camacho

This is my last stop on my first ever vlog journey and so big thanks to polyphonic.org for getting me started! THANK YOU SO MUCH

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Vlog #23 Behind the Scenes

0 Barmey Ung

Here is a behind the scenes teaser of our upcoming music video. Special thanks to everyone involved! Deboka Films Director: Eduardo Cintron Producer: Eduardo Ortiz-Romeu, Barmey Ung Director of Photography: Jay Patton Assistant DP/ Cam 2: Joseph Delhommer Assistant Director: Miguel Otero Art Director: Nick Rastenis Stylist: Nicole Paprosky Make-up: Melissa Mazenett Production Assistant: Matt

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Vlog#16_Sketches for Music Video

0 Barmey Ung

Here is a sneak peak at some of our video sketches for our upcoming video for Kmang Kmang’s song “Simpliminal.” Looks like I still got to crop out some of that green screen.. Enjoy!

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