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Tags: New York Times

Of models old, new, and broken

0 Robert Levine

There’s been lots of chatter in the arts blogosphere the past few days over “the model,” most prominently in the email publication You’ve Cott Mail for January 11, which cited a number of online commentaries on the subject, including a very good one from Drew McManus at Adaptistration. But the commentaries invariably miss crucial points

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Guest Bloggers: A conversation with Dr. Tom Wolf

0 Tony Woodcock

“Many financial approaches have been tried over the past 50 years to improve the financial condition of orchestras. Yet, the industry as a whole appears to be in the worst shape it has ever been in…If orchestras are to assume … Continue reading

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Doing business with the Met

0 Robert Levine

Buried in a long piece in the New York Times on the “new Met” were the following tidbits: Since Mr. Gelb took over, the Met budget has increased by about $60 million. The box office is up, but meanwhile personal and corporate donations, which the Met depends on to balance its budget, are down, thanks

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