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Virtual Discussion Panels

What's a Virtual Discussion Panel (VDP)?

A VDP is a dynamic online environment, lasting one or two weeks, that features a group of invited panelists who discuss a topic in depth. The VDP format enables panelists to explore a topic with a greater level of detail and variety, compared to a traditional discussion panel. Throughout the length of the VDP, panelists post their thoughts and respond to each other, thereby providing increased opportunities for them to examine multiple perspectives of the topic at hand, as opposed to a real-time discussion that requires the panelists to gather in the same place at the same time.

Panelists are drawn from various segments of the business, and each contributes a wealth of experience and a unique personal perspective about the topic. Every panel will strive to include musicians from the full spectrum of professional orchestras, as well as related business professionals. Each VDP will be moderated by one of Polyphonic.org's Senior Editors: Ann Drinan, Robert Levine, or Drew McManus.

Discussions begin with the moderator posing a question or defining an issue, and the panelists take it from there. Because the dialogue isn't limited by only one person being able to speak or post at a time, the discussion can explore multiple directions simultaneously.

Augmented Reader Participation

One of the best features of this online environment is the variety of ways that you, the reader, can interact with the discussion. You'll be able to participate passively by reading comments, and use that information to better define your own opinions and understanding about the featured topic. Registered users can also participate actively by submitting comments to posts from the panelists — these comments are posted daily on the main VDP page for all to read.

Comments will be reviewed by the discussion moderator in order to avoid openly hostile or libelous remarks, and to ensure a positive discussion environment. However, this doesn't mean discussions won't contain conflicting opinions, and readers are encouraged to share their personal experiences and observations in order to provide as many diverse viewpoints as possible.