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The Beauty of Music and Movement

0 Stephen Danyew

This magnificent video of the University of Maryland Symphony Orchestra has appeared in the blog world before, but if you have not seen it, take a few minutes to enjoy it the beauty of it!  This is a live performance recording from May 4, 2019, when the UMSO performed Debussy’s Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun from memory, with movement choreographed by Liz Lerman.  This video brings up many questions in my mind, such as:

  • Does the addition of movement in this performance make the entire experience more engaging for the audience?
  • Did the players feel like the performance was more powerful or enjoyable for them as artists because of the movement?
  • Did the movements add challenge to the performance technique or did it help the players feel freer with their instruments?
  • How often could an orchestra realistically prepare this kind of performance given the added elements of memorization and choreography?

What do you think?

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