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Take a Friend to the Orchestra Week!

0 Stephen Danyew

A little background from the Adaptistration blog:

Take A Friend To The Orchestra, or TAFTO, is an annual event at Adaptistration every April where more than a dozen critics, bloggers, musicians, classical music enthusiasts, and administrators writing about how average patrons throughout the country can invite friends who don’t regularly participate in live music events to a performance in your area. Essentially, TAFTO is an opportunity for the people who care the most about classical music to participate in a proactive way.

You can read (and watch) many interesting stories of folks that introduced a friend or friends to the symphony and how it turned out.  Here are a couple of 2013 TAFTO blog contributions that Thomas Cott compiled in his “You’ve Cott Mail” email listserv today:

Six Fail-Safe Ways to Get Your Concert On

TAFTO 2013 Contribution: Scott Silberstein


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