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Getting Millennials to Attend Arts Events

0 Stephen Danyew
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Music organizations are among those who are thinking hard about how to attract millennials to their events.  (By the way, millenials represent the generation born between the early 1980st and the early 2000s.)   Articles on this topic are popping up frequently, and Thomas Cott recently devoted an edition of his popular daily “You’ve Cott Mail” email newsletter to this topic.

Cott included a couple of articles that I found particularly interesting, which I have linked below:

The first lists a few strategies to make your event more appealing to young millennials, such as crafting a full-evening experience, letting audience members use social media during parts of the evening, and keeping the quality of the art very high but also relevant to the audience.  The second piece argues for face-to-face interaction with millennials when promoting your event, such as having event participants or creators speak to local college classes about the upcoming production.

Have other ideas for getting millennials in the door?

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