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For eight years, 1995-2003, the Symphony Orchestra Institute (SOI) published HarmonyIt was a journal of thoughtful insight and opinion about the complex dynamics of symphony orchestra organizations. It presented essays and reports authored by practitioners, scholars, and other close observers of orchestras.

Dr. William Mesa is a professor of management and accounting at Colorado Christian University and an amateur musician who plays in two community orchestras in Denver.  His interest in both music and business lead him to a doctoral dissertation that, in part, discussed, organized and categorized the articles found in Harmony. We are the beneficiaries of his work and those doing research in orchestra dynamics, effectiveness and change will find the paper that follows below to be very useful:

A MAP TO READING AND FINDING TOPICS IN HARMONY: Eight Years of Research, Studies, and Articles - William Mesa, Ph. D.

Harmony includes extracts and abstracts of previously published material relating to orchestral organizational issues, along with other related material of particular interest to symphony organization participants.

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Commencing in 2004, Harmony is no longer being published as a periodical, and thus, subscriptions are no longer available.