Harmony Archives

Number 4, April 1997

In This Issue:

Publisher's Notes   iv
New Institute Governance Plan   viii
The Turning Point
A roundtable discussion with members of the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra
Trust by Lawrence Tamburri 11
Symphony Orchestra Volunteers: Vital Resources by G. Michael Gehret 15
An Instrument of Knowledge by Meg Posey and Paul R. Judy 25
Research Update   44
Decision Making in British Symphony Orchestras: Formal Structures, Informal Systems, and the Role of Players by Sally Maitlis 45
Rebuilding the Repertoire for the 21st Century by James Orleans 57
Toward a Vision of Mutual Responsiveness: Remythologizing the Symphony Orchestra by Marilyn Fischer and Isaiah Jackson 71
Myths and Magic: A Word from a Conductor by Taavo Virkhaus 85
About the Cover...   90
Book Review:
The Boundaryless Organization: Breaking the Chains of Organizational Silence
Extending the Bibliography   96
From Our Readers   97
Guidelines for Contributors   98
Symphony Orchestra Institute Supporting Organizations   100
Distribution, Support, and Subscription Plan and Applications   101