Harmony Archives

Number 11, October 2000

In This Issue:

Publisher's Notes   iv
The Symphony Orchestra Institute, the Internet, and the World Wide Web   ix
Field Activities and Research   xii
Advocates of Change

Supporting Symphony Orchestra Organizations During 2000



The Oregon Symphony: A Journey of Transformation   1
Healing the Starfish
by Saul Eisen 10
Oregon Symphony Strategic Plan: A Consultant's Perspective
by Elaine Cogan 13
Hartford Symphony Orchestra : A Work in Progress   16
Cultural Change in the Pittsburgh Symphony Organization   24
The Problem Solvers: Orchestra Personnel Managers   31
Reflections Paul R. Judy 37
About the Cover... by Phillip Huscher 39
Guidelines for Contributors   41
Wither the Audience for Classical Music? Douglas Dempster 43
The Orchestra as Metaphor Christos Hatzis 56
Symphony Orchestra Organizations in the 21st Century   59
Symphony Orchestra Institute Financial Operations During Fiscal 2000   71
Distribution of Harmony and Institute Support   73
Additional information not in print edition    
Full Report: Orchestras in the 21st Century