Laura Brownell

Laura Brownell

Laura Brownell has been active in the symphonic world as a performer, union representative, and industry participant for over 30 years. She held the post of international Director of the Symphonic Services Division of the American Federation of Musicians for four years after serving for ten years in a similar capacity for the AFM Canadian Office. Prior to joining the staff of the AFM she worked for many years as a symphonic and free-lance musician in the Toronto area. Laura's industry experience includes dozens of symphony, theatre, and electronic media negotiations. She has served on joint labor-management committees and conference panels of organizations such as the League of American Orchestras, Orchestras Canada, and the International Federation of Musicians and has written extensively for AFM publications. Laura is currently working as a labour relations officer for the Society of Energy Professionals. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Violin Performance from the University of Michigan and a Master of Industrial Relations from the University of Toronto.

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