Janet Horvath

Janet Horvath

Janet Horvath, associate principal cello of the Minnesota Orchestra for more than two decades, is a soloist, chamber musician, writer and advocate for injury prevention. A trail-blazer in speaking and writing openly about the physical stresses experienced by musicians, she has contributed importantly to the awareness of musicians' work-related ailments and their prevention. She is in demand all over the nation for her seminars, "Playing (less) Hurt." Through her efforts, which have included precedent-setting presentations before professional symphony orchestras, Ms. Horvath has contributed significantly to improvements in working conditions for all orchestra musicians. The Injury Prevention Guide for Musicians, which benefits from her decades of lecturing, teaching, and research in the field of performing arts medicine, applies not only to symphony orchestra instrumentalists, but also to professional, amateur, and student musicians in all disciplines.

In 1992 Ms. Horvath received the American String Teachers Association Service Award in recognition of her outstanding efforts on behalf of musicians' health; in 2001 she was selected to deliver the Richard J. Lederman keynote lecture at the Performing Arts Medicine Association's nineteenth Annual Symposium on Medical Problems of Musicians and Dancers in Aspen.

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