Justin Locke

Justin Locke

Justin Locke grew up on a farm in Ohio, and, despite the supposed disadvantage of being largely self-taught, at age 20 he began the first of 18 seasons of playing the double bass with the Boston Pops. He worked with many of the greatest conductors of our time, including Leonard Bernstein, Arthur Fiedler, Henry Mancini, and John Williams. He is no stranger to the limelight; the thousands of concerts he played include the 1976 Bicentennial Concert with Arthur Fiedler, which is in the Guinness Book of World Records as having the largest audience ever at a classical music concert.

Justin Locke is now an author. Along with "Real Men Don't Rehearse," a humorous memoir of his playing days with the Pops, he also wrote "Peter VS the Wolf" and "The Phantom of the Orchestra." These musical plays for family concerts have been performed for hundreds of thousands of children on four continents, in six languages. His latest book, "Principles of Applied Stupidity," is a most unique approach to management, leadership, and innovation. Justin still keeps his hand in the music biz here and there; he has been a "score reader" for live television broadcasts of the Boston Pops, and he was the creator and manager of the Bose Philharmonic, one of the most widely heard orchestras in the world. He speaks, blogs, and consults extensively about applying performance techniques to other fields.

Having worked "in the trenches" of the bass sections of major orchestras, as well as being the only person who exports family concert programming around the globe, Justin brings a refreshingly down to earth, and often laugh-out-loud, look at the world of professional performance, and how the culture and lessons of that world can be used in your life and your organization.

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