Gaylon Patterson

Gaylon Patterson

Gaylon Patterson joined the Memphis Symphony Orchestra in 1985, where he is is currently acting principal second violin. He is very active in strategic planning and in developing community engagement initiatives with the MSO, and served as negotiation chair for the most recent contract renewal.

He spent seven years as ROPA delegate for the MSO and two years on ROPA's executive board, and was the local host for ROPA's 2003 conference in Memphis. He is still ROPA's trustee for the AFM Strike Fund. Gaylon enjoys playing chamber music, and is regularly featured at Memphis Chamber Music Society concerts. He has taught violin and chamber music at the University of Memphis and the Tennessee Governor's School for the Arts.

Gaylon's day jobs before becoming a full-time musician ranged from retail sales through cotton marketing to ag-chem research, in keeping with his perplexing educational background. He studied electrical engineering at Washington University in St. Louis, and transited through the architecture and fine arts departments at the University of Arkansas before finally completing a B.A. in Music Performance. He also holds an M.M. in performance from the University of Memphis.

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