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Category: Ten Years Later

League Conference: A Conversation with Greg Sandow

0 Ann Drinan

In her introduction, Judith Kurnick, Vice President for Strategic Communications at the League, described Greg Sandow as a cultural critic, someone who could bring thinking across disciplines and share ideas that you would never have thought of before. He’s been a member of the graduate faculty at Juilliard for 17 years, and was involved in

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No Time At All

0 Peter Sachon

Just like Rip Van Winkle, American orchestras have been asleep for twenty years. Season after season of the same repertoire, played again and again for generations until the idea of an orchestra participating in modern musical life seems outrageous. Last week, the League of American Orchestras focused their annual conference around the idea of “Imagining Orchestras in

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Lest we Forget

0 Tony Woodcock

In September 2001, I was living and working in Portland, Oregon, running the Oregon Symphony.  On the morning of the 11th, my son and I were visiting his school for a very early morning meeting. As we walked into the … Continue reading

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