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George Cleve

1 Robert Levine

Facebook brought me the news this morning that George Cleve died yesterday. I knew he’d had health issues for a long time, but this hit me like a brick anyway. I first worked for George in 1974 upon my return from studying at a rather strange school in Switzerland known as the Institute for Advanced

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Here Comes Fall! A Week in the Life of Two ROPA Orchestra Musicians

0 Ann Drinan
Barbara Wiggins

Polyphonic thought it would be interesting to take a look at the lives of “typical” members of regional orchestras, where the orchestra doesn’t pay a living wage. Obviously there is no such thing as a “typical” regional orchestra musician – we all do different things to make ends meet and earn enough to pay the

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HSO on the Radio!

0 Ann Drinan

Monday morning at 9 AM, three members of the Hartford Symphony Orchestra sat before microphones and tried to explain to their community why the HSO is in such trouble. I was one of those three. And none of us were truly able to explain why we are where we are. The radio program was courtesy of

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Summer Scenes from the Institute for Music Leadership – A Photo Essay

Third Coast Percussion’s “Currents”: Branding in Support of an Artistic Mission

0 Third Coast Percussion

As a touring percussion quartet, devoting an entire concert to new works for our group sometimes seems like a luxury. The logistical pressures of unfamiliar venue layouts, small stage sizes, and traveling with instruments, combined with the musical demands of presenters and unfamiliar audiences, means that we often stick with what we know while we

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Andris Nelsons in the News

0 Ann Drinan
Andris Nelsons

This past Sunday, the Boston Globe ran a front-page article about their new Music Director, Lativian conductor Andris Nelsons, whose contract has recently been extended through 2022. Globe critic Jeremy Eichler is obviously entranced by Nelsons’ body language; the online article includes a gallery of photographs of “Nelsons in Motion.” Watching him at an afternoon

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The Totenberg Strad

0 Ann Drinan

What a wonderful story we heard on NPR’s Morning Edition today – the Stradivarius violin stolen from Roman Totenberg 35 years ago was to be reunited with the family today. Nina Totenberg, famous NPR reporter, tells the story as only she can – how the violin disappeared after one of her father’s performances, how her

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An Interview with Polyphonic’s New Editor-in-Chief, James Doser

James Doser, Polyphonic.org Editor in Chief, and Director of the Institute for Music Leadership at the Eastman School of Music

This summer, Polyphonic.org welcomes a new Editor-in-Chief, James Doser. He takes over for Ramon Ricker, who led Polyphonic.org since its inception in 2006. Welcome, Jim! Polyphonic: Jim – one thing that readers will find really interesting is that you actually studied with Ray Ricker, which means you are both saxophonists and that you know the

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A must-read piece on performance anxiety

0 Robert Levine

The New Yorker continues to be the best magazine in the English-speaking work for coverage of arts issues (as opposed to arts news), as demonstrated by an article-length review of Sara Solovitch’s book Playing Scared: A History and Memoir of Stage Fright: Stagefright has been aptly described as “self-poisoning by adrenaline.” In response to stress,

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PRJ Grant Recipient Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble Reflects on May 2015 Concert

0 Kayleigh Butcher
Photo by Aleksandr Karjaka

Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble’s Season Closer Concert for the 2014-15 season: Spatial Palettes took place on Sunday, May 17, 2015 at 8:30pm at Constellation Chicago. We commissioned 3 new pieces with the generous support of The Paul R. Judy Center for Applied Research. One from Monte Weber, another from Levy Lorenzo, and another from Eliza

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Remembering Vic Firth

0 Ann Drinan
Circa 1974: a photo of Vic Firth, the former principal timpanist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra

I grew up in the Boston area; Vic Firth’s name was revered as one of the most prominent “BSO men” in the area. Anastasia Tsioulcas of NPR has put together a lovely tribute to him as both a percussionist and an entrepreneur. Click here to read the remembrance at NPR’s Deceptive Cadence, complete with photos and

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The HSO: The Conversation Continues

0 Steve Metcalf
HSO Cellists

In a previous post (“Saving the Hartford Symphony,” July 9), I offered a few observations about the situation at the Hartford Symphony Orchestra. Briefly, the situation is that the management, which is now essentially the Bushnell under an agreement struck 16 months ago, is proposing significant reductions in the number of services offered to many

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