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Paul Austin  

Media Myths: Misconceptions that Mystify Me

Paul Austin
September 23, 2019

The world of media amazes me. Its ability to reach a large audience inspires me. Its endless possibilities excite me.

Yet I am puzzled whenever I am told that media is complicated and expensive. When I was asked to participate in...the creation of the AFM's new Integrated Media Agreement (IMA) a few years ago, the goal of ensuring that the IMA would be uncomplicated and affordable was at the forefront of my thoughts. Today the IMA is in place, and I am extremely proud of the result. We now have a document that puts the majority of media work into one agreement.


Bruce Hembd  

Using the Web to Empower Your Union

Bruce Hembd
March 27, 2019

The Arizona Opera Orchestra Musicians Association (AZOOMA) had a bit of an identity problem.

We regularly perform in a semi-closed pit under the stage and are heard but not seen by the public. When asked, our audience members presumed that we were either the Phoenix or Tucson symphony orchestras. For years this issue was just a small nuisance and only a minor concern, until our collective bargaining agreement expired and negotiations lingered on for months under new management.

What was at first only a minor annoyance was now a huge concern. We really needed public support to secure our jobs but our public didn't really know who we were.


Rebecca Krause-HardieRobert Lauver  

Blogging with Video: An Interview with Bob Lauver, Horn Player and Digital Storyteller

Rebecca Krause-Hardie & Robert Lauver
March 13, 2019

Bob Lauver, hornist in the Pittsburgh Symphony,
is one of the favorite voices on the PSO's blog, which includes blogs by musicians and staff as well as others outside the organization. I asked Bob how he got involved with the symphony's blog and video projects.


Christopher MillardMaurizio Ortolani  

The NACOcasts: Podcasting is changing the way orchestras communicate with audiences

Christopher Millard & Maurizio Ortolani
May 21, 2019

We envisioned the podcast as an outreach vehicle - we wanted to use the emerging technology of podcasting, which has such great potential for an organization like ours. We were actively looking at designing a podcast program around the orchestra, and we came across Chris' talents.