William Mesa  

The Performance of Intellectual Capital

William Mesa
August 13, 2019

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Noteworthy is the accumulation of interacting human capital and structural capital around “processes & routines”, “skills & techniques”, “orchestra structure”, and “process participation skills”, all of which are linked to “focal point symbols” (principally the conductor).This level of intersection suggests not only the central area of activity, but also the shape of work that characterizes orchestras.If organizational change or development is to take place, it must take into account how the core product (music) is produced in conjunction with the human capital involved. A brief discussion of each practice is now in order.

Alignment of Effort

For this particular practice, coordination is the goal.And, coordination is generally achieved through metrics of success ranging from everyday objectives to quarterly milestones.For purposes of this study, coordination ultimately was focused on the performance of the music for a concert.Bringing together all of the members of the orchestra towards a common end requires the use of both human capital and structural capital.Skills and techniques coupled with focal

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