William Mesa  

The Performance of Intellectual Capital

William Mesa
August 13, 2019

to the reader but “subversively” based on human capital, structural capital, and organizational practices.Interview responses provided a rich field towards constructing the probing survey questions. The following table exhibits the results of the survey and analysis.Readers may reference the previous article’s table, “Interrelationships of Human Capital and Structural Capital” for the particulars of each.

Table (Click to enlarge.)

An immediate review of the table reveals what was discovered in the previous article: the relatedness of human capital and structural capital.However, we also find that the relatedness of both human capital and structural capital are enacted through organizational practices.That is, human capital and structural capital are used in community orchestras through organizational practices.Leveraging the most out of a community orchestra’s IC resource means understanding the reality of how they are used and what is related. This network effect, while complex, represents the dynamics of IC as part of an organization’s way of doing work.The following value map illustrates the network effect in the form of a value map.3

2 Mesa, William B. (2010), “The composition of intellectual capital in non-profit community orchestras”, Journal of Intellectual Capital, Vol. 11 No. 2 Special Issue IC and Non-Profits in the Knowledge Economy.

3 Jhunjhunwala, Shital (2009) “Monitoring and measuring intangibles using value maps: some examples”, Journal of Intellectual Capital, Vol. 10 No. 2.

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