William Mesa  

The Performance of Intellectual Capital

William Mesa
August 13, 2019

  • What are the aspirations and goals of members in the community orchestra?Are such goals aligned with the tasks asked of them outside of music performance?
  • Knowing the organization is action oriented and embedded in learning music, performing music, and working with others.How can this be leveraged towards not only performance goals but also the several tasks needed to keep a community orchestra functioning?
  • People volunteer in the orchestra to make a difference.How are their skills leveraged to make a difference and how does this spill over into attaining greater participation in activities needed in the community orchestra’s operations?

Supporting Participation

Participation is supported in community orchestras when individuals can calibrate their skills in collaboration with the orchestra as a whole.
“Rehearsals are intense.Especially those rehearsals where we just go over piece by piece in a particular section.Interaction among the sections while playing is great and the conductor loves it when it’s right. It’s magic when it pops and everyone has their part!”

There is enjoyment in making music for these community volunteers.Their participation is encouraged and supported by virtue of the organization’s structure, and individual participation skills.

  • Keeping individuals (talent) means constantly cultivating the connection between their participation and the current structure of doing work.
  • When participation of individuals is supported, through structures and processes, they further identify with the organization.
  • How can the above be extended to the other needed activities to keep the community orchestra operating?

Learning by Doing

Finally, learning requires and individual to have a base of skills.Within and organizational context, learning involves others while also bringing in the participation of individuals.
  • NPOs and community orchestras alike learn as organizations but such learning is grounded in individual competencies and how individuals participate.
  • Learning is best accomplished by doing the task.For rehearsals and other orchestra functions, how often is experimentation fostered?Experimentation in the rehearsal process, fund-raising, and the daily activities of operations.
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