About Polyphonic.org

Our Mission:

To enhance the professional development and broaden the perspectives of musicians who are participants in North American symphony orchestras and other musical arts organizations.


Funded by a gift from the Symphony Orchestra Institute (founded in 2004 by Paul R. Judy), the Eastman School of Music has established the Orchestra Musician Forum.

The first major activity of the OM Forum is to develop a comprehensive website designed to offer a range of educational and informational services contributing to the professional growth, personal fulfillment, career advancement, job satisfaction, and organizational participation of career musicians in North American symphony orchestra organizations. Over time, other activities directed to the Forum's mission might be pursued.


The site, Polyphonic.org has been developed with these broad goals in mind:

  • To engage musicians to learn skills, obtain insights, and participate in a learning community, which together will enable them to become more involved, contributing, and effective stakeholders in musical arts organizations, and especially symphony orchestra organizations

  • To provide educational background material about the structure, issues, and economics of orchestra and other musical arts organizations and about the socioeconomic environment, forces and trends which impact these organizations and their participants

  • To establish a reputation as a long-term career learning center for orchestral musicians, and a portal to all other websites with content relating to the organizational and occupational interests of musicians in musical arts organizations

  • To provide content relating to alternative orchestra employment opportunities, including entrepreneurial and innovative activities and paths.

  • To provide excellent content selection and editing, and an independent, thoughtful, balanced, professional editorial approach throughout

  • To establish a reputation as the primary source for regular, daily site visitation and active participation

  • To establish a reputation as a daily or weekly occupational companion to the career orchestra player in community with other orchestra players around the nation The Polyphonic Mark