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A Preview of the new Paul R. Judy Center Website and Offerings

0 Stephen Danyew

As Jim Doser, Director of Eastman’s Institute for Music Leadership wrote in his June 1, 2019 post, “Celebrations and Reflections: Polyphonic.org in the Next Decade,” Polyphonic.org is transitioning to a new format and home on the new Paul R. Judy Center for Applied Research website.  That new website will be launching in a matter of days, and we wanted to offer Polyphonic readers a preview of what you will find there:

  1. Ahead of the Beat – Similar to Polyphonic.org blog posts and articles, this section will offer profiles of innovative projects, news from the field, and interviews.
  2. Sound Bits – Sometimes we need a very short, thought-provoking read to inspire us, challenge us, or get us thinking. These miniature posts, focused on innovative practices, entrepreneurship, and creativity, will do just that!
  3. PRJC News – Stay up to date on what is happening with the Paul R. Judy Center for Applied Research. For example, you will be able to quickly find information here about our upcoming October 8, 2019 conference.
  4. PRJC Conference – Speaking of our conference, there is a whole page dedicated to information about this exciting event!
  5. The Eastman Case Studies - Designed for the future leaders of our musical world to develop the skills and perspectives for helping solve real-world problems of musical arts organizations through situation analysis, recommendations, and discussion. The Eastman Case Studies examine issues and challenges that face today’s musical leaders and places students n the role of consultant, charged with assessing business problems and making key decisions in resolving them. The first case studies will be released this summer!

In just a few days, when the new site is launched, we will point you to the new website address. We hope you will take a few minutes to explore these offerings and we welcome your input, ideas, and suggestions for future content.

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