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More Getty Grants

0 Ann Drinan

The latest awards from the Ann & Gordon Getty Education and Community Investment Grants, administered by the League of American Orchestras, were recently announced. The grants range from $10,oo0 to $30,000 for community-based grants in the 2013-14 season, awarded to 23 orchestras. To see the League’s press release, click here.

65% of the grants were awarded to in-school or after-school educational programs, 17% to health and wellness programs, 9% to life-long learning opportunities, and 9% to those serving other populations, including juveniles and adults in the criminal justice system.

For a complete list of the grants, click here.

According to League President, Jesse Rosen, “The long term health of orchestras will require creating more value for more members of orchestras’ communities. These important programs are addressing critical needs, often in underserved communities. The Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation’s support has enabled orchestras to offer their communities greater access to the extraordinary experience of orchestral music and musicians.”

I plan to spotlight several of these community endeavors in the months to come.





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