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Do As I Say: Music Conservatory Culture and its Contribution to Discontentment Among Professional Orchestral Musicians


Today we add a new feature to Polyphonic.org-the Editor’s Choice.  Since we launched our site in 2006, we have a accumulated a vast amount of content. In addition, we also have the articles that were published in Harmony, the periodical of the Symphony Orchestra Institute. Much, if not most, of this content is still relevant today. So-we decided to reprise favorite articles, interviews and blogs from the Polyphonic and Harmony archive.

We begin with this thought-provoking article by Sloan Hoffmann, which was first published on March 5, 2019. Her primary point is that attitudes about music, orchestras and the music profession take shape when music students are in school. She gives us lots to think about. Click here to read it.  .  .  . and keep your eye out for Editor’s Choice for more chestnuts from our archive.

Ramon Ricker



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