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The Intertoobs can barely keep up with this story!

0 Robert Levine

According to Drew McManus at Adaptistration, DSO management is claiming that, contrary to the most recent Detroit News article, they have no plans to hire replacements or to invite striking musicians to cross the picket line and return to a “newly assembled group of players”:

Today’s article in The Detroit News by Lawrence Johnson, “DSO: Change tune or be replaced” drew independent and inaccurate conclusions based on an interview with DSO Executive Vice President Paul Hogle. Mr. Hogle did not state that the DSO is “prepared to move forward with a newly assembled group of players.” The DSO has no plans of this nature.

The DSO has been consistent in expressing a belief that a new orchestra model is necessary in metro Detroit in order to grow and sustain a vibrant patron base – one that engages audiences at the community and educational level. At this time, we will focus solely on the important work of addressing the needs of our patrons, growing our already robust educational programs, building our business in presentations, special events, rentals and retail and enhancing our partnerships in the communities we serve.

We remain hopeful that the musicians will return to the bargaining table and agree to a sustainable financial terms that will end the strike.

Knowing Lawrence Johnson, I’m skeptical that he could have gotten this story so wrong. But, whether backtracking or simply correcting the record, it’s a step back from the cliff’s edge.

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