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When Die Walküre meets Den Schneesturm

0 Robert Levine

…the blizzard wins.

Here in Milwaukee we’re having the first day of rehearsals canceled for snow that I can remember. We had a run-out to Green Bay canceled due to snow a number of years ago, but given that traffic was moving at 25 mph on the freeway and Green Bay was 100 miles away, that made sense. And of course it was re-scheduable.

This is different. We’re doing the first act of Walküre this weekend (as well as the Beethoven 4th concerto with Emmanuel Ax, assuming he can get here), and had two much-needed rehearsals scheduled for today. Yesterday management cancelled today’s morning rehearsal and extended the afternoon one. This morning management canceled the afternoon rehearsal as well and extended tomorrow’s rehearsals a bit (and will provide lunch backstage between services; a nice touch).

We’re not the only orchestra affected, of course; The Cleveland has canceled their appearance tonight in Chicago and are no doubt enjoying a snow day in Ann Arbor (not nearly as snowy as here, though). I’m sure that lots of our Midwestern brethren and sistren are struggling through conditions similar to those in my front yard (the slight depression in the picture is the approximate location of my driveway):

We’re pretty hardy folk in the upper Midwest, but 15 inches of snow coupled with 50 mph winds force even us to keep our heads down.

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