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The kid stays on the podium

1 Robert Levine

There’s something about conducting this kid really gets, although he really should have turned the last page of the score before he thought the piece was over:

Wouldn’t it be nice if more kids this age thought Beethoven was this much fun? And why don’t they, anyway? I wonder what would happen if kids treated Beethoven like dance music? I wonder what would happen if we all thought of Beethoven as being something one could do, rather than something one experienced? Dance, rather than sit quietly?

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  1. Comment by Nicole Stacy
    January 27, 2019 at 5:39 PM

    This boy is three? I think he is doing what comes naturally. In my own experience, it takes a couple more years before they really get mucked up with societal value judgments. One of us must have gotten to him first!

    I’ve had the pleasure of performing for a couple of child audiences that acted like we were rock stars. Somewhere along the line, something must go wrong that doesn’t translate into sustained interest…