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Cleveland on strike

0 Robert Levine

At least for Monday:

Oboist Jeffrey Rathbun says he and the other musicians are “sorely disappointed” management hasn’t acknowledged sacrifices they’ve made in their last two contracts or their offer to continue to work for the next contract year with no increase in salary or benefits.

The musicians’ contract expired last summer. The musicians say striking at midnight Sunday means they likely won’t make their planned trips to Indiana University and to Miami.

In March the orchestra said it would reduce pay, leave six positions unfilled and scale back artistic initiatives to save money. The orchestra’s board of trustees says it recognizes the musicians’ incredible artistry but is committed to “ongoing prudent cost control.”

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, there are talks scheduled:

Barring some new accord during the early hours Monday, the musicians planned to commence strike demonstrations outside the hall this morning, before a mediated contract talk at noon.

Both events overlap with today’s community open-house in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

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