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Dept. of Homeland Obviousness update

0 Robert Levine

If the person who wrote the headline for this article went to J-school, they should get a complete refund on their tuition:

Honolulu Symphony Bankruptcy Disturbs Musicians
Musicians Fear Uncertain Future

HONOLULU — News of the Honolulu Symphony’s bankruptcy announcement is sending shock waves through the community.

Now the city auditoriums department must scramble to find other acts to fill the Blaisdell on dozens of dates vacated by the Symphony.

Some young musicians, who just came from the Mainland to join the symphony, said they are wondering why they ever took the risk.

At the musician’s union symphony musicians practice in spite of their uncertain future.

Matt Eckenhoff is one of eight musicians to just join the Honolulu Symphony that’s now filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

“We are disappointed, really more than anything, we just want to play. That’s our livelihood. That’s how we make our money and we are sad we are not able to do that,” said Eckenhoff.

Eckenhoff said he still has not been reimbursed thousands of dollars he paid to move to Hawaii from Houston and said he’s just signed a six-month apartment lease.

“We haven’t given up all hope yet,” Eckenhoff said.

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