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Talk is cheap, and so are plans

0 Robert Levine

A Grand Unified Theory of Arts Funding may be unveiled sometime in the medium future in Columbus:

A long-awaited and often-promised blueprint for the arts in central Ohio could finally be in the offing. Arts, business and political leaders say an overall cultural plan for the community — outlining new strategies for funding sources, entrepreneurship in the arts and more cooperation among nonprofit groups — is likely to emerge by the end of the year.

The achievement would be no small feat considering that, since 2003, at least 12 major studies or projects have been initiated to evaluate the competitive position of Columbus and the role of arts and culture in economic development.

“We’ve had too many reports and not enough action,” said Karen A. Bell, associate vice president for arts outreach at Ohio State University.

I’m sure the musicians of the Columbus Symphony would agree with her. But isn’t this just - another report?

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