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Polyphonic.org is an initiative of the Institute for Music Leadership at the Eastman School of Music.
Polyphonic Blog
Polyphonic Blog
  • Los Angeles Philharmonic’s National Take a Stand Festival
    Ann Drinan - Jan 27, 2015

    On Thursday, January 8, 2015, the Los Angeles Philharmonic announced the creation of the National Take a Stand Festival, an initiative to create a unified national platform for El Sistema-inspired programs throughout the US. The initiative will bring world-renowned conductors, guest artists and teachers to students in El Sistema programs around the country. The National

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  • Bitcoin and Proust or “À la recherche de l’argent perdu”
    Tony Woodcock - Jan 21, 2015

    We have probably all come across that word BITCOIN and not given it much thought. Or perhaps we have. It’s pretty interesting as a modern financial phenomenon. My take on it is that it was created as a reaction against government and centralized monetary structures as a result of the financial collapse in 2008. It

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  • Some more words on sub pay and Minnesota
    Robert Levine - Jan 21, 2015
    Some more words on sub pay and Minnesota

    The folks at soundnotion.tv hosted a discussion with Drew McManus and myself on the subject of substitute pay and how it was handled in last year’s Minnesota Orchestra settlement. The discussion was moderated (very well, I thought) by David MacDonald and Sam Merciers. It can be watched on YouTube here. I felt the discussion covered

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  • The Email Protocols
    Zachary Preucil - Jan 22, 2015
    Screen shot 2015-01-20 at 9.40.46 PM

    When you have three different teaching jobs, run a website, and blog for two more, you end up spending a lot of time on email. This is what I have learned over the past few months as I’ve juggled a variety of burgeoning professional obligations, all of which require a significant amount of regular email

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  • “Community Enhancement”: Bringing Classical Music to a Ski Resort
    Zachary Preucil - Jan 8, 2015

    What does “community outreach” look like in contemporary culture? This question has been asked with increasing frequency in recent years, in both theoretical and practical contexts. Which means of concert presentation will best communicate the mission of classical performance to novice audiences? How do we demystify genres such as chamber music and opera without seeming

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  • Update from the “Real World”: Musings of a Music School Grad
    Zachary Preucil - Dec 18, 2014

    I know I’m succumbing to stereotype to say this, but it’s hard to believe how fast this year has gone by. It feels as though the seemingly endless polar vortexes of January and February transpired only yesterday, but now it’s the week before Christmas, and 2014 is preparing to make its exit. For me, this

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