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Polyphonic Blog
Polyphonic Blog
  • On playing pieces for the last time
    Robert Levine - Mar 3, 2015
    Robert Levine

    One of the oddities of an orchestral career is the lack of control that we have over what we play. A consequencesof that odd fact is that, towards the end of a career, it’s possible to state with some certainty that one will have played a work for the last time. I’ve been musing on

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  • Why Does London Need a New Concert Hall?
    Tony Woodcock - Feb 18, 2015

    The press and media are all over this one and obviously excited at the prospect of luring back Rattle to his homeland. They also argue for something that London really needs. And this feeding frenzy, I fear, could obscure some rational and strategic thinking that needs to be put in place before anyone signs up for a project.

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Polyphonic OnCampus
OnCampus Blog
  • Updates from the Real World: Turning Down Work?!
    Zachary Preucil - Feb 26, 2015

    Greetings, everyone! This is the latest installment of my irregular, infinite-part quasi-series, “Updates from the Real World.” Things have gotten quite busy out in these here parts–a spring concert is already on the horizon in one of the programs I teach at (ironically, our last rehearsal had to be cancelled due to a snow day)

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  • Playing it “Wrong”: Is Modern Performance Practice Alienating Audiences?
    Zachary Preucil - Feb 5, 2015

    These days, the “theory” behind classical music’s decline in pop culture is common knowledge: the genre evolved out of rigid traditions in the church and monarchical regimes, became indelibly associated with the upper class, and maintained prominence until the beginning of the twentieth century, when cultural interest began to shift to new popular genres and

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  • What is a #MusiciansInstaMeet and what can it do for Classical Music?
    ThatViolaKid - Feb 2, 2015

    Hey everyone! Happy New Year! Boy, 2014 was an amazing year, and it looks like 2015 is going to be even better! Fun fact, in 2014 we experienced the last consecutive date of the millennium: December 12, 2014 (12.13.14)! The next truly consecutive date will be January 2, 3456, and I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say

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